2nd March 2018 - Hello again!
Hello again at the time of writing this is the 2nd of March 2018, I am not sure when I will be able to upload the latest update in 6 months but hopefully it will still be in March. A lot has happened since my last update, first of which the site has gone down since I forgot to renew the domain, at the moment I am trying to renew the domain but the domain binarybeats.net has been put up for auction and is already out of my price range, I should have not let it expire. At least I have managed to get the domain binarybeats.me which is similar enough for a sensible amobunt of money. Hopefully the the domain and sever will be linked in the coming days. It has been stressful not having internet at home and more of a nuisance than I would have imagined. So much of our life is now done over the interent and just having a mobile phone with limited internet bandwidth really does not cut it, especially when having to deal with things abroad. Unfotunately our UK visa was refused for the silliest of reasons so we will be in Japan for a bit longer and permanently if our second try at the visa is turned down. It has been an eye opener regarding the treatment of peope applying for visas in the UK and makes me regret having UK citizenship. The cost and inefficiency of everything is just so laughably British that if we were not losing the shirts off our backs due to the visa fees it could be considered funny. During all of this though I have been doing tracks and have added them finally to the website, they are in the Digital Breaks, Hardcore Breaks and Jungle sections, I believe it is approximentally 20 new tracks, some good and some not so good. I still have my SC account up even though I deleted it accidentally after clearing some of my Google accounts, I am only uploading oldskool tracks there since the people who follow me are more interested in that genre. For my other breaks and non-genre tracks they can be downloaded from here, most likely in the Digital Breaks section. Well time for me to get back to sorting out the new hosting commpany and prepare to upload the whole site once again, fingers crossed the supermarket wifi can handle it. Until next time!
19th July 2017 - Last upload for a while
Our pending move back to the UK is getting ever closer and as such we are reducing our services one by one, at the end of this month our internet will be disconnected meaning I will be unable to upload my tracks since I will only have access to wifi from my laptop in various public places. Whilst this will be an inconnvenience and mean I cannot upload my tunes it will give me more time to work on tracks instead of concentrating on uploading them. For this month I have some more digital breaks tunes ready to upload and these just might be the last ones for a while on this site. The first tune for this week is Constellations, it is a cross breed hcd and db tunes, using oldskool breaks, bass and stabs and uses the the structure and feel of a db track. It took me a while to do this tune as the middle bass line part did not seem to fit anywhere in the tune, it jumps around with dark bass lines and floaty pianos. The second tune is Project Gemini taken from the book that I am currently reading about .... Project Gemini. This tune takes on a more 80s infuzed beat and bass, it is more energetic and uplifting than Constellations. This tune I really enjoyed doing and the piano part I am particulary happy with as it definitely adds more dimensional to the track.

Finally I have decided to remove the shout box form the index page, it was really not doing anything there and is just a reminder of how few people actually visit this site. I do feel that if anything this site is more for myself as a oneline diary of what has been happening in my life. It is interesting to read what I had written previously and going `Oh! That day!`. Anyways I am still doing tunes but have not been doing any Hardcore Breaks/Rave tunes for a while, I feel that era of music is finally behind me, don`t get me wrong though, I still love listening to it but I have done enough in that field of music. The Digital Breaks area there is so much more to explore in various styles and sounds and that is where my heart is most. My Sound Cloud has been closed because I will be losing internet for a long time that there seemed no point in keeping it when my personal site is going to stay up.
4th July 2017 - Digital Breaks and Funky Breaks Goodness

With the temperatures hitting the mid 30s now in Japan summer is on her way now, usually in the hotter seasons I slow down my music writing since I prefer to find cooler places and this usually means going to public spots such as the food court in Marinpia. The only problem with that is the area is very noisy and it is hard to hear the music that I am working on even with headphones. So these 2 tracks might be the last for a while. The first is titled Wanderers and uses a sample from Carl Sagan, being a person that I greatly admire and respect for his work and writings, he also has a great voice and it works very nicely with my tunes. The second track is titled Saturn V, as in the the Saturn V that took astronauts to the Moon, this tune is funky breaks tune with no sampled breaks but all breaks are programmed in to give it a more oganic feel. Please enjoy the tunes in the downloads section, Digital Breaks. Enjoy your summer and don`t get ねっちゅうしょう!
7th June 2017 - Oldskool Raver & MET 102:45:47

One of my students recently did a drawing of me, it was a bit crazy but I kind of liked it so scanned it in and put it up on my SC pagewhich went nicely with the new tunes that I have uploaded there. Oldskool Raver is a tune that came about completely by accident, I was messing around with some of the M1 VST pianos and found a few notes that went well together, I had a nice acepella from which soing I can not remeber but it seemed to sound good together. Over a 1 hour 30 min train journey I was able to bang out the track Oldskool Raver. In the mean time I have been working on some more Digital Breaks style tunes, the latest one, MET 102:45:47 (I`ll let you figure out what the title means :), is another breaks and pads and stabs tune in a similar vein to the DB style. It is a bit happier at one point which I did not intend to do, the track was meant to be moody but sometimes things just do not work out the way you hoped. Please download and enjoy the tunes, feel free to comment on my SC or in the shout box on the right.
18th May 2017 - White Gloves

went to rave recently to check out how the scene has changed since back in the early 90s, to be honest I was well disappointed and ended up leaving early, the bouncy and breakbeat tunes of yore with rushing pianos and stabs which give you goosebumps were gone. The yellow jackets and yellow gloves gone as well. When I got back I went straight to the computer and started to bang out an uplifting breakbeat tune of the style which I want to hear and raise my white gloves to. White Gloves can be downloaded here.
2nd May 2017 - Nase to Koniya

Last week went to Amami island, which is the island where my wife comes from, we spent just under a week there in this beautiful south pacific island, it is a place such as all I want to do is just walk around the beaches and admire the incredible views of the ocean and sky. After coming back from Amami, I came up with this little track which is about the journey of driving from the top of the island to the bottom. It is verging on a nu breaks style tune but keeps the tempo firmly at 155 bpm, I hope some people can enjoy it. The track can be downloaed here.
15th April 2017 - New track: Time to Leave

Time to Leave is my latest track and is available for download in wav and mp3 format from this site, this track is particulary special to me as it helps me mark the end of my time in Japan. I have lived here for almost 12 years as of 2017 and my wife and I have decided that is time to move to the UK. More than any other country I have felt at home here, it is in this country that I got married, lived for the first time with my wife, worked for a proper company, released my music officially on labels and did my first two albums.

The friendships I have made in Japan will stay with me for the rest of my life, the experiences that I have gone through have made me a better and stronger person having been in the earthquake of 2011, have had major surgery twice and learning Karate and getting my black belt. Learning the language has been a struggle but also immensly rewarding when I was able to start reading the Hiragana and Katakana. In every sense I feel I am at home here and here is my home, going back to the UK I feel like an outsider and for the first time feel like I am actually leaving my home. It is with these thoughts and emotions that I put down this track, it has been an emotional rollercoaster of emotion and I hope the track is able to convery the strength of my emotions about this wonderful and amazing country that I have come to call my home and will be leaving soon.

I hope you will enjoy this track and what it represents to me. The download can be found here or in the Hardcore Breaks download section.
11th April 2017 - Orbit Insertion EP - download now available (^_^)

This little EP used to be a Sound Cloud exclusive but I had a change of heat and decided to put the EP up for download here where it will be available for as long as I run this site. The EP consists of three tracks, 2 hardcore breaks and 1 happy hardcore (96 style), sorry no modern happy hardcore I can`t stand the direction of happy hardcore with the soft synth and flowery trance melodies, happy hardcore died for me around `97. I think this is the beauty of hardcore breaks, it is oldskool but there is much more variety in the tracks that can be done and the listeners are more open to the experimental sounds. Anyhoo, enough of my old man ranting, the ep can be downloaded from this link as a zip of the wavs [ Orbit Insertion EP ], I will add the individual tracks into the download section in a few days time.
10th April 2017 - Not much of an update

again, it has been a while since updating this website and it has not been that I am lazy like the previous times but this time I don`t really have much to update. There are two new tracks uploaded into the Digital Breaks part of the site, Demo Memories and Umoveable, but otherwise since February there have not been any other tunes. Been hitting the creative block again, seems like I run into this very often now! In the mean time I have been enjoying watching the stars and the cosmological news, above is the amazing picture of Saturn`s hexagon storms, another of the amazing mysteries of the solar system unveiled to us through the Cassini probe which will be crashing into Saturn`s atmosphere in September this year. I have some tunes still in the works but they are taking a loooooong time to get into the right place as such there needs to be a lot of work done on the tracks. In the meantime of my favourite producers has relaunched his Sound Cloud account again, Nicky Allen.

Nicky Allen
is one of the finest producers into the Hardcore Breaks and Oldskool scene, he creates tracks that ooze personality with piano riffs, stab sections and pads which are professional sounding and incredibly uplifting. I would have to rate him as the best Hardcore Breaks producer this scene has seen in a long time and deserves to get far more coverage than he currently does. He came a long way from his original productions of 7 years ago and creates unique and timeless pieces that can be listened over and over again. He is the kind of producer that can pull off any style and make it his own and sound perfect. Big up to the Mr. Nicky Allen, one of the best producers of his kind who just gets better with each next release.
24th February 2017 - Music Without Soul

Since I finished the album I have still been at work doing tracks, today I finished a new tune, Music Without Soul, it is a hardcore breaks tune running at 140bpm with the usual pianos, pads and vocals. It is a break from the album and is up for free download in the Hardcore Breaks Download section. Sadly there have not been any sales of the new album as of yet but if I am honest I am not expecting peope to buy it. I think compared to the early 90s and late 80s openness to other genre styles become less the norm. People want to identify with a label as they think it defines them, be it a oldskool raver, junglist, dub stepper, etc., when I was younger it was important for me to be thought of as a hardcore producer but now it has no meaning for me anymore. I just do tracks and I can`t really call myself a musician as there are no musical skills I have learnt or are using, I am just programming into the computer. Nowadays anyone can make decent music without a single music bone or having learnt how to play an instrument. Music is cheap and free, there is so much that we are overwhelmed by it. It is hard to find good music now since there is a lot of crap, and for a lot of people they think of my tracks in that way too, here are some of the comments I had to a track I posted on YouTube:

" What a pile of fucking shit!! So you reckon yourself and this Fuzzbuzz prick will have the coming out on 12" vinyl release? Seeing as when you uploaded it in 2011 Vinyl had gone out and was never any releases then especially not for shit like this!! Sounds you are a DJ Rankin wannabe with no production skills... Such for myself on Soundcloud www . soundcloud . com /berzekerproducer (no spaces) that's my tunes and this is nothing coming (sic) to my remixes. "
" sounds like you dont even have an official acappella, i can hear the backing instruments of the original in the background. forwarded for piracy. enjoy attempting to release this on vinyl you fucking goon. stop dreaming this will never come out on vinyl. you will never get rights
your remix sounds like a chipmunks abortion. "

Now I`ll be the first to admit that the track is not that good and it was just a learning level for me, it would have been nice to have it on vinyl but things sometimes just don`t work out. It was puzzling the amount of anger behind the comments of the two posters. Anyways I hope you enjoy the latest track and will not be as offended by like the last two guys.

20th February 2017 - 16BIT Memories album officially available from Dark Til Dawn Rec.
  As of today the 20th February, my second album 16BIT Memories is available to buy in physical CD and MP3 format. The album can be bought from the Dark Til Dawn Records Bandcamp website, the CD is £5.00 and the digital download £2.50, click here to buy the album. I wish to thank Rob at Dark Til Dawn Records for supporting me in this new album for agreeing to carrying it and sell it, Tobias @The Sweatshop for his phenomenal mastering work, he really brought out a lot of the detail that was missing in the original mix. Since I do most of my work via headphones it is really important to have another set of ears to balance and master the work. The tracks on this album are quite different from my last album Journeys End, the whole album runs at around 130bpm and still is predominately breakbeat, no house or dub but verges on the more chilled breaks and 80s influenced beats and bass.

Due to the different nature of this album I do not expect it to do as well as the last album, as such the physical album was done entirely by hand, it comes in a vinyl CD with a colour label in the middle, instead of a jewel case it has a cardboard sleeve like a vinyl record. Essentially it looks like a miniature vinyl record but is in fact a CD that will play in your CD player. I chose to do this since it gives the album a unique style and presence; the music is unique to my usual style so the styling of the album I thought should also reflect this.

Over all though I am quite pleased with this album, I feel it is my most mature work to date as it mixes a lot of different styles and is in a way a more honest album. My last album Journeys End was a pure HCB oldskool album for the oldskool ravers, this time I am doing something that is more organic and flexible. I hope that you will enjoy the new album in which ever form it takes. Please note that the CD is limited to 15 copies only though.
11th February 2017 - New Apogee Breaks track
This evening I have uploaded the latest Apogee Breaks track, Lunar Lauch, please head over to www.apogeebreaks.uk for the free download if you like the Apogee Breaks sound. Thank you everyone who has supported and played out the tracks from this project, especially to Sparky Dee who put it in his top 5 of best tracks of 2016, thank you again for that Sparki :)
7th February 2017 - 16 BIT Memories - New Album available in the coming days!

It`s here!!! It has been a long time coming but my second album is now finally finished and will be available in the coming days, the album has been professionally mastered by The Sweatshop / Tobias Renfro, he has done an incredible job on bringing life to the tracks in ways I would have never thought possible. This album is a journey of a different kind, I am mainly known for my Hardcore Breaks and Jungle tunes, this album however steps away from that and moves into a more electro/game music area. With the tracks on this album I wanted to create something more organic and natural, in essence these are tracks that I went in with no preconceptions of what I wanted to do. Some may be cheesy synth, funky breaks or electro house but for me it is the most honest album/music I have done so far. So if you are looking for paino breakbeat hardcore and jungle please check out my previous album Journeys End, or if you interested in something a bit more cerebral and deeper please check out my new album 16 BIT Memories. The title came about since a lot of the tracks were influenced from music I heard on my Amiga, Megadrive and Super Famicom back in the late 80s and early 90s, hence the title name 16 BIT Memories. The CD and digital download will be available from Dark Til Dawn Records but I will also send 3 limited edition CDs from this site which will be signed by me, I am not famous now but who knows in the future lol.

Above is a photo of the CD outside its sleeve, as you see it kind of looks like a vinyl record which I thought is a nice and unique presentation for a CD, I had the CDs printed up with help from my father in law and he has done an incredible job, the CDs actually look much better than my first album which was done with a professional company, there is a little white showing through abot 1 mm on the edge but it is hardly noticeable. I want to thank my wife for her support especially on this album since it was her and her mother who pushed me to release these tracks, I was a bit wary due to them not being in the "standard" hardcore breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub step etc. style, so it is quite a gamble and the reason why the CD is much more limited than before. Anyways I really hope that there will be people interested in this album and enjoy it as much as I do, please feel free to contact me about any articles and promotion of the album which I would be very grateful for.
1st February 2017 - Newest track for 2017

The first new track of 2017, it has taken me a while to get back into the tunes but hopefully this track will be a good start, it is a Digital Breaks style track and is titled Orbital Mechanics, it starts slow and chilled and then moves into some stabby and chord action courtesy of the Korg VST package. Quite happy with this little track and hopefully others will enjoy it too. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting the Digital Breaks sound and hopefully with the new album coming out it will push the sound more. I will be uploading later on a new Apogee Breaks track that can be found at www.apogeebreaks.uk.
1st February 2017 - Latest tracks and Apogee Breaks
Finally the site is updated with all the latest tracks I have done, they can be found in the Downloads section, the new tracks are listed in the box on the left hand side. I am still working on the Apogee Breaks project and the site will be updated today or tomorrow with the latest tracks available, at the moment there are not that many new tracks available on that site though. A big thank you to everyone who commented and downloaded on SC, it was very humbling to see such great comments. I hope that you can enjoy my new tracks from this website and www.apogeebreaks.uk.

Digital Breaks   Jungle Hardcore Breaks
Alien Oceans Child of the 80s Deep Space Whales Another Piano Riff
Deep Space Breaks Cyber Breaks Jungle Launch Doing It 90s Style
Sea of Tranquility Freefall The Even Horizon It Was 92
Soul of Sorrow Solar Tripping Dust Bins
Binary Bliss Acid Breaks Zoidberg
1st February 2017 - Very late happy new year and new tracks plus more!

I can`t believe it is already February 2017, it feels like I was just getting ready for Xmas and new years eve, well first off Happy New Year to everyone, I realise that I have not updated this website for a while and while I do not have any good excuses I promise that I will be uploading some new tracks in the coming days. In the meantime the new album 16 BIT Memories is finished and all the tracks have been wonderfully mastered. At the moment I am just waiting on getting the CD labels printed, this CD will be a limited release alongside a digital release with Dark Til Dawn Records. The CD will be a little unique since it will look like a vinyl record and even come in a vintage cardboard sleeve like records. Originally I was thinking of doing it in a standard jewel CD case but though it might be nice to do something a bit more unique as this will be my last release from Japan. Later this year I will be moving back to the UK, not sure how long I will stay there but I imagine it will not be too many years, in the end my wife and I would like to settle down somewhere in Japan again but this time maybe closer to Okinawa.

Since last year I have been producing under the name Apogee Breaks, I still do and will be bringing over my Apogee Breaks tracks to this site in the coming weeks since the domain name will expire next month and the renewal fee is a bit out of my price range. I will add another category for the Apogee Breaks style tracks here so it will be easier to find specific tracks if you are after any. As soon as the new album is ready I will update with a release date, price and where it can be ordered from. In the meantime please keep an eye on the site as I will upload soon some of the latest tracks and some brand new material that has not been on Sound Cloud yet and will be exclusive to this site only.
12th July 2016 - New tracks now online

I have uploaded my two latest tracks in the digital breaks style, the first one is titled, "Little Blue Dot", the track takes the name from the photo of Earth taken by Voyager 1 in 1990 when it was about 6 billion kilometers away, it was requested by Carl Sagan and when introducing the photo he said some amazing words. I took a part of the speech for the beginning and end of the track, the words very powerful when you see the whole photo and how small and fragile our little dot looks in the vastness of the cosmos. It brings many things into perspective how irrelevant or small they are compared to the reality of our situation. Wars, religion, music, technology, smartphones are all such a small part of the whole and get swallowed up in the greatness of our universe. I love this picture so much that I had a large print done and it sits above my computer and each time I feel down about something or frustration I look at the photo and ask does it really matter? At the end of the day this is our only home and we need to look after it, polluting, fighting are just faster ways to lose our one and only home. At the end of the track he talks about how humbling it is to be an astronomer and I have to admit that when looking through a telescope and seeing Jupiter or Saturn with my own eyes it makes the universe expand before me and how lucky we are to have a planet that can support life.

The second track is a track dedicated to those of us who grew up with the SNES/SFC, "SFC Dreams", it was such an exciting time in the late 80s early 90s when the 16bit game machines came out, no other generation afterwards generated the type of excitement and joy that gaming did in the 90s for me. While we had the Megadrive, PC Engine and the SNES/SFC, it was the SFC that really took gaming to another level, I remeber playing Street Fighter 2 and thinking how close it was to the arcade, games like Contra, Pilotwings, still back then the graphics were mind blowing for me and beautiful.
12th July 2016 - New Tunes

I have been having a bit of block in regards to tracks, it seems like I have been moving away from the hardcore breaks piano heavy led tracks and more into the darker, futuristic sound of the Apogee Breaks project. However I have started to go back to the older more unique sound of digital breaks, which is why I am releasing the "16 Bit Days" album, this will be on limited edition CD as well, hopefully with colour inlays, I am not sure if I can afford to do as nice CD as my first album as money is bit more tight this time.

The track listing has been completed for all tracks and I am just in the process of leveling them out ready for mastering, in the mean time I have two new tracks available on the site which are in the digital breaks style. The first is [ SFC Dreams ], they will not be included on the album and will be available for free download from this site, they should already be availble for download as of this update. As the album gets closer to release I will announce information on this site as usual, there is also a new 3 track LP that I will be releasing as a free download under Dark Til Dawn records, this is the last few tracks I have done in the hardcore breaks style with piano led melodies. Not sure when I will be doing tracks like this again as I am not feeling that sound at the moment. Chilled out breaks and retro sounds seem to be the thing at the moment for me, not sure why haha but at least I am making tunes and that is all that I really care about.
5th July 2016 - First Update on new website!
It has been quite a while since I have updated the Binary Beats website, it has been hanging in limbo for a few months since I started the Apogee Breaks website/project and did a re-release of my Journey`s End album, of which there are still physical copies available from the Dark Til Dawn [ link ]. It may not be my best album but it is my first and from it I learned a lot about production techniques, putting and album together and about myself. Since finishing the album I have taken a break and then back to work and then a break again, been trying to sort out things in my head. The Apogee Breaks project is still going and I have a few tracks that I will be uploading to the website. Time has not been on my side and it seems like there is always something else which requires my attention and then there is no time to spend on doing music which has been frustrating, not being on Soundcloud has helped though as it feels like there is less pressure, perhaps I just work better in a vaccum.

Things have been moving though and along with the website refresh I have a few new tunes that are available from this site and a new album in the works, most of the tracks have been finished and it is just a case of cleaning up the tracks and doing the artwork. This album is going to be very special for me as it is not going to be a hardcore breaks/oldskool album but tracks which don`t really fall into any particular genre but are tracks where I experimented and just did what I felt like. It is a mix of breaks, Amiga games/demos influenced melodies and sounds. The tracks each represent a time in my life back in the late 80s-90s, as one mate commented the tracks remind them of the 16/32BIt era games which is where I am coming from with each track. The album is titled, "16 Bit Days", and will be published and sold via Dark Til Dawn Records again, as they did such a great job with my last album.
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