Root Beer Breaks [ MP3 ]
I have been having some issues with sampling recently on the Amiga, not sure if its my CAPs or sampler, so it has taken a while to get some decent samples into the Amiga. Finally I managed to massage some clean samples into the Amiga. I have been wanting to do a breakbeat style tune, kind of in the same vein as digital breaks. KInd of more for the demo scene this tune.
Samus`s Revenge [ MP3 ]
This is my favourite Amiga track so far, it was awesome fun to do and I really felt that I made some progress with my sampling and riff building in Octamed. As an oldskool tune I hope it holds up.
Tokyo Night [ MP3 ]
Been having this track running around in my head for a while now, got down to some proper sampling for the bass, pads and breaks in this one and I think the track come out a bit fuller because of it. I used two sets of pads for this track because I loved the way how they created chilled out environment.
DF0 [ MP3 ]
Latest Amiga track, uses the crowd control piano sample, a few nice rave stabs and well known breakbeats, it is track that came out quite nicely. The sample quality is quite good for the Amiga.
N.H.S. Amiga Breaks Remix [ MP3 ]
Always loved the orginal and finally got around to doing an Amiga remix of the seminal track. This was a very hard track to do due to the 4 channel limitation, but after layering the samples it came out ok, not great but ok.
35 Degreez (Ransaked Records) [ MP3 ]
This track was done for Ransaked Records, the version for download here is the original version, the Ransaked one was edited a little. Using a breakbeat from the new Manix album, and the Austin Powers theme. It is a chilled out summery tune which turned out better than I expected.
4 Channels [ MP3 ]
This was just a bit of fun, I had a look around the Amiga`s hard drive for any samples I had not used it, and came up with this little number. It was nice to do some oldskool again.
Imitation [ MP3 ]
A bit of darkness this track, I really wanted to give a dark edge to it, so I sampled some The Thing and a dark pad, I am not too happy with this tune. I think overall I am not a big fan of the darker sound of Jungle.
Bad Boy Flow [ MP3 ]
Another up tempo Future Jungle track, used the Future Jungle Sample pack from Squatski ... I think, the breaks and pads and vocals were all sampled into Audio Master, this is one track that I am quite happy about as it sounds quite modern though nice and crunchy 8 bit.
Electric [ MP3 ]
After working on so many Jungle and Rave tracks I wanted to do something different, try some digital breaks on the Amiga, this track worked out quite nicely and I hope to do some more in a similar vein. It is harder than doing the Jungle at times as the breaks have to be writen from scratch usually taking up 2 channels leaving you with only 2 more for the rest of the sounds.
Summer Flute [ MP3 ]
I always love some jazzy drum and bass, this was a failed attempt at doing something that was jazzy and chilled at the same time, it is one area where the Amiga stumbles as the there are a lot of sounds which is are missing which give the track that extra chilled out feel.
Echos [ MP3 ]
Tried experimenting more with some Jungle again, it was an attempt to move away from the amen break that I use so much but I ended up using it in the middle of the track. It pushes the Amiga sound chip nicely and comes out quite clean, even the bassline somehow was not too crunchy.
Energy [ MP3 ]
One of my favourite films from the 90`s was Akira, it was chock full of awesome samples and effects, this tune is a Future Jungle track, sampling sounds and vocals from the awesome Japanese movie. I have an alernative version with the Japanese vocals but have not uploaded it here. As a side note it includes one of my favourite pads as it sounds sooo nice on an Amiga.
Lakes of Titan [ MP3 ]
Some more vocal Jungle this time, tried to make a more professional sounding track, the last few tracks had been more experimentation, this time I tried to make a track that would not sound out of place on a PC or Mac. It is quite a large .med file coming it at just under 2 mb, which is big for a .med file hehe.
Amiga Breaks Vol.4 [ MP3 ]
Going back to the oldskool feel with this track, using some familiar stabs and layering them over to add a bit more freshness to the samples that have been used over and over. I was really happy how the sampled breaks turned out in this track, it is quite tough at times with the 8 bit limitation to get really clear and loud breaks without drowning out the rest of the tracks.
Amiga Breaks Vol.3 [ MP3 ]
From here I started to venture more into the darker side of Jungle, I do not usually do Jungle but the Amiga makes it very easy for chopping up the breaks and the speed and control that you get through OctaMED is unmatched in any programme except Renoise.
Amiga Breaks Vol. 2 [ MP3 ]
After my first attempt I felt a bit more confident in using OctaMED again and using the Amiga`s limitations as a unique way to layer each track, to date this is still on of my favourite Amiga tracks I have done as the pad brings me back to the good old days.
Amiga Breaks Vol. 1 [ MP3 ]
This was one of the first "new" Amiga tracks that I did in 2012, getting to grips again with samplig into the Amiga and the restriction of 4 channels.