Moving on - 25th October 2021
So I still have not managed to recover any of my data from my iMac, it still escapes me how this had happened, it seems like the TimeMachine backup had been deleted from the NAS drive. It might be time to get a new NAS drive. Anyways, in the meantime I have been rebuilding my sample base and reinstalling the VSTs that I used for all my tracks. During this process I started to do some new tunes and have uploaded them to the site, I also have some new Amiga tracks that will be soon uploaded along with the .med file as well :) I can`t state enough how devastating it has been to lose all my work, but I have to move on and be thankful for what I still do have at least. The new tracks are available in the Digital Breaks section: Transit Alpha Centauri, Electronic Heart and Mr Fibble and I. I have been wanting to do some more upbeat, up tempo style tracks but for the life of me I seem to be doing 135 bpm tunes. Hopefully someday I can get back into the more energetic style choonage.
Buggered - 19th October 2021
It is funny how things happen so suddenly, and you are not ready for them. Recently my wife and I decided to reduce our stuff, this inclulded getting rid of my old iMac that has been my main machine for doing music on Renoise. I always have a TimeMachine backup of the drive, as usual I checked if the backup was most recent and it was, however for some reason the next day after having wiped the iMac hard disk, the back up was not there (>_<). I had just lost over 20 years of music, with not way to get it back. So at the moment I am trying to see if I have any backups available, but it means that I do not have any original files of my music and are not able to do new tracks yet. Yep, it really sucks!
New Directions - 27th September 2021
Finally the weather has been cooling down in Kanto, and with comes more chances for spending time with the computer to make music. I am changing my direction of music however, I have been trying to do music in the hardcore breaks style but over the years I have become more jaded with the direction of the scene. It has become the a scene with the same riffs, samples, breaks and vocals all recycled over and over, what is new sounds the same as before. Music is way for me to grow, while I will always have a special place in my heart for the hardcore breaks scene and what it has given me it is truly time for me to move on. My last hardcore track has come out on RaveSkool Recordings. Now I am concentrating more on making different styles of music and re-learning how to make tracks on the Amiga. In the meantime I have uploaded one of my latest tracks which is the current style I am enjoying: Life Cycle.
Website Update - 25th November 2020
The site has been updated to a simpler design due to a slowdown in updates, in the meantime there will be several new tracks added which will be in the breaks section and hardcore breaks section of the website. In addition my final two releases will be out on Raveskool, this month of November and the last track will be in December.
13 Year Old Oldskool Producer - 10th November 2020
Recently I listened to a podcast which had an interview with an oldskool producer who is the young age of 13, DJ Semah. I was very intrigued since you do not hear much about the new generation of producers especially not at the age of 13. Having found him on Soundcloud I listened to a few of his tracks and was blown away by the quality of them, he has captured the essence of oldskool hardcore and just by listening to them it brings me back to when I first heard hardcore. For someone so young he has a maturity of production that beyond his years, I think this is someone to keep an eye out for since he might be the next big thing it the revival of oldskool hardcore and hardcore breaks. You can find his soundcloud page here.